Installation Guide


To run .VPK files in PSVITA you need to install home-brew (molecularShell or VitaShell) in your PSVITA sd card. Installing NoNpDrm Games, DLC and Updates:

1) Download the latest release of the NoNpDrm Plugin here http://pasted.co/a89bd291
2) Place it on the “ux0:tai/” (Normal MC) or “ur0:tai/” (sd2vita) folder in your console.
3) On VitaShell browse to “ux0:tai/” or “ur0:tai/”and open the “config.txt” file with (X)
4) Navigate to the “*KERNEL” line and insert 1 new line below it -On the new line insert “ux0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx” or “ur0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx” for sd2vita users
5) Restart your console with Vitashell TIP: Step 1 to 5 only need to be performed the first time you install the plugin.
6) To install games, place your NoNpDrm dump on the “ux0:app” folder of your console.
7) To install DLC, place your NoNpDrm DLC on the “ux0:addcont/[GameID]/[DLCFolder]” directory and the needed licenses on the “ux0:license/addcont/[GameID]/[DLCFolder]” directory of your console.
8) To install updates, place your NoNpDrm updates on the “ux0:patch/[GameID]” folder of your console.
9) After you place all the desired files on the respective locations, go to VitaShell and open the (TRIANGLE) Menu on the Home Screen, select “Refresh Livearea” and wait for it to update the screen with your games.
10) PROFIT!!!
NOTE: For NoNpDrm games to save properly they must be mounted on a “ux0:” partition.
P.S In start game if you see message “You cannot earn trophies in this application”
delete game and try install it again.
Maidump VPK installtion:If game does not work, freeze, or not installing,
simple install Amphetamin plugin on your PSVita
this can sovle 95% your problem with games,
Instruction how to install plugin inside archive.
For some MaiDump VPK’s your need installed Amphetamin Plugin v3.3 or high



  • First You need a  CFW from the REBUG website for PS3
  • Get the REX version (stay away from D-REX, it’s for devs)
  • Next get a USB (formatted is recommended) and make a folder called PS3 and then a subfolder called UPDATE
  • Place the CFW update PUP in USB:/PS3/UPDATE
  • Rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP


  • Remove game discs from the Bluray/disc drive. It contains OFW updates on it and will ruin your update process.
  • Kinda obvious tbh. Turn off Automatic Updating.
  • Turn off the wifi.

    Now we’ll go to the actual process, it’s very simple. A monkey can do it.

  • Now plug your USB on the rightmost port (the one closest to the BD Drive)
  • Go to Settings–> System Update–>
    Update via Storage Media
  • Wait for the process to finish, it’ll go through two screens of it then restart. If the power trips during this, you’re kinda screwed with a semi-bricked console.
  • If it worked, you have CFW now. Enjoy it.
    Go to Brewology and get what homebrew you want. Multiman is required if you want to do backup loading and piracy.


  • Install Reatail package Files on PS4 Firmware 1.76.
  • Activate the debug settings via Webkit Playground to intall PKG.you can use a USB device & a burnt Disc.

  • Copy the .pkg files in the Root of a USB device or burn the files on a Disc.