Eshop Collection 2019

Swh Eshop Collection 2019

Letter→ ‘#’

Game Title
99Seconds 1/15/2019 Download
99Moves (New) 2/9/2019 Download
12 is Better Than 6 (New) 3/5/2019 Download
12 Labours of Hercules (New) 3/30/2019 Download
39 Days to Mars (New) 5/17/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘A’

Game Title
Arcade Archives + Update (35 Files) 3/5/2019 Download
ACA NEGEO collection + Update (105 Files) 3/4/2019 Download
Anima Gate of Memories (New) 1/4/2019 Download
Anima Gate of Memories The Nameless Chronicles (New) Video Proof Download
Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Animated Jigsaws Wild Animals (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku (New 1/17/2019 Download
A Ch’ti Bundle (New) 1/23/2019 Download
ANIMUS (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Asdivine Hearts II (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Airheart Tales of broken Wings (New) 2/2/2019 Download
AGARTHA-S (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Aragami Shadow Edition (New) Video Proof Download
Ancient Rush 2 (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Away Journey To The Unexpected + Update (New) Video Proof Download
Access denied (New) 2/9/2019 Download
At Sundown Shots in the Dark (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Achtung Cthulhu Tactics (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Alchemic Dungeons DX (New) 2/18/2019 Download
Almost There The Platformer (New) 2/21/2019 Download
Anodyne (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron + Update + DLC (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Awesome Pea + Update (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Ape Out + Update (New) 3/2/2019 Download
Assault Android Cactus Plus (New) 3/8/2019 Download
Alien Cruise (New) 3/23/2019 Download
Assault On Metaltron (New) 3/24/2019 Download
Azure Saga (New) 3/24/2019 Download
Apocryph: an old-school shooter (New) 3/24/2019 Download
AngerForce Reloaded (New) 4/6/2019 Download
A Dark Room (New) 4/13/2019 Download
Alpha (New) Download
Active Soccer 2019 (New) Download
Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection (New) Download
Aggelos (New) 4/29/2019 Download
Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition (New) 5/4/2019 Download
ASCENDANCE (New) 5/7/2019 Download
Assassins Creed III Remastered (New) Video Proof Download
Akane (New) 5/17/2019 Download
Atelier Lulua The Scion of Arland (New) 5/22/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘B’

Game Title
Big Bash Boom (New) 1/14/2019 Download
Big Crown Showdown (New) 1/15/2019 Download
BQM BlockQuest Maker (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Bury Me My Love (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Burly Men at Sea (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Bombing Busters (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Bash The Bear (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Bad Dream Coma (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Baobabs Mausoleum Ep 1 (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Bloxiq (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Basketball (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Bleep Bloop (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition (New) Video Proof Download
Build a Bridge (New) 2/9/2019 Download
BlazeRush (New) 2/21/2019 Download
Beat Cop (New) 2/26/2019 Download
BATTLLOON + Update (New) 3/2/2019 Download
Braveland Trilogy (New) 3/8/2019 Download
Baba Is You + Update (New) 3/14/2019 Download
Blood Waves (New) 3/15/2019 Download
Bard’s Gold (New) 3/19/2019 Download
Blaster Master Zero 2 + Update (New) 3/21/2019 Download
Bonds of the Skies + DLC (New) 3/21/2019 Download
Block-a-Pix Deluxe (New) 3/22/2019 Download
BombFall (New) 3/22/2019 Download
Bad Dream Fever (New) 3/23/2019 Download
Bargain Hunter (New) 3/23/2019 Download
Block Builder SP (New) 4/15/2019 Download
BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! (New) Video Proof Download
Beyond Enemy Lines Covert Operations (New) 4/29/2019 Download
Black Paradox + Update (New 5/4/2019 Download
Bird Game Plus (New 5/4/2019 Download
Blazing Beaks (New 5/11/2019 Download
Blades of Time (New 5/15/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘C’

Game Title
Cast of the Seven Godsends (New) 1/2/2019 Download
Catastronauts (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Claws of Furry (New) 1/15/2019 Download
CricktoGame Nintendo Switch Edition (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Cycle 28 (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Cinderella An Interactive Fairytale (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Cursed Castilla (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Color Zen Kids (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Crush Your Enemies! (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Collidalot (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Crazy Strike Bowling EX (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Cosmic Star Heroine (New) Video Proof Download
City of Brass (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Combat Core (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Cabela’s The Hunt Championship Edition (New) 2/14/2019 Download
Car Mechanic Simulator (New) 2/18/2019 Download
Cook robin of Nagatori garden (New) 2/21/2019 Download
Croc’s World Run (New) 2/22/2019 Download
Caterpillar Royale (New) 2/24/2019 Download
Claybook (New) 2/27/2019 Download
Creepy Road (New) 3/3/2019 Download
Chocobos Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy (New) Download
CelDamage HD (New) 3/29/2019 Download
Croixleur Sigma + Update (New) 3/29/2019 Download
Circuits (New) 4/6/2019 Download
Caveman Warriors + Update (New) 4/7/2019 Download
Cook Serve Delicious 2 (New) 4/10/2019 Download
Cuphead + Update (New) Video Proof Download
Cafeteria Nipponica + Update (New) 4/18/2019 Download
Construction Machines Simulator (New) Download
Croc’s World 2 (New) Download
Crashbots (New) 4/23/2019 Download
Car Mechanic Manager (New) 5/7/2019 Download
Castlevania Anniversary Collection (New) 5/16/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘D’

Game Title
Diggerman (New) 1/4/2019 Download
Defoliation (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Destruction (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Digerati Indie Bundle INK & HackyZack (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Doublecross (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Doughlings Arcade (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Dragons Lair Trilogy (New) 1/18/2019 Download
DYING Reborn (New) Video Proof Download
DragoDino (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Drowning (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Doodle God Evolution (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Dokuro (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Dei Gratia in the fifth day (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Doom and Destiny (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Defense Grid 2 (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Duck Hunting Challenge (New) 2/14/2019 Download
Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen (New) Video Proof Download
DayD; Through Time (New) Download
Degrees Of Separation (New) 2/14/2019 Download
Dungeon Stars (New) 2/18/2019 Download
Devil Engine (New) 2/22/2019 Download
Daggerhood (New) 2/25/2019 Download
Dragon Quest X Basic Pack (New) Download
Darksiders Warmastered Edition (New) Video Proof Download
Doraemon Nobita’s Moon Survey (New) 2/28/2019 Download
Darius Cozmic Collection (New) 2/28/2019 Download
Dark Quest 2 (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Deltarune Chapter 1 + Update (New) 3/1/2019 Download
DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Dragon Marked for Death Advanced Attackers (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Darkest Hunter (New) 3/6/2019 Download
Dusty Raging Fist (New) 3/14/2019 Download
DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Scarlet (New) Video Proof Download
Dungeons and Aliens (New) 3/20/2019 Download
Doughlings Arcade + Update (New) 3/31/2019 Download
Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission (New) 4/11/2019 Download
Dodge Hard (New) 4/15/2019 Download
Detective Conan Skateboard Run Kid (New) 4/24/2019 Download
Ding Dong XL (New) 4/24/2019 Download
Deponia (New) 4/27/2019 Download
Death Coming (New) 4/27/2019 Download
Dig Dog (New) 4/29/2019 Download
Defend Your Castle (New) 5/1/2019 Download
Darkest Hunters + Update (New) 5/2/2019 Download
Duck Game + Update (New) 5/4/2019 Download
Dragon Snakes (New) 5/10/2019 Download
Dragon Pinball (New) 5/11/2019 Download
Darkwood + Update (New) 5/17/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘E’

Game Title
Evil Defenders (New) 5/9/2019 Download
European Conqueror X (New) 5/7/2019 Download
Exorder (New) 1/5/2019 Download
Elli (New) 1/15/2019 Download
ESCAPE TRICK 35 Fateful Enigmas (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Everything (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Eat Beat Dead Spike-san (New) 1/16/2019 Download
Eekeemoo Splinters of the Dark Shard (New) 1/16/2019 Download
Elemental Knights R (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Fishing Universe Simulator (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Escape Game Aloha (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Evoland Legendary Edition (New) Video Proof Download
Eternal Edge (New) Video Proof Download
Estiman (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Ethan Meteor Hunter (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Eggggg The platform puker (New) 2/10/2019 Download
EVE burst error R (New) 2/25/2019 Download
Elevator to the Moon Turbo Champions Edition (New) 18/3/2019 Download
Event Horizon (New) 3/30/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘F’

Game Title
FLIP OVER FROG (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Feudal Alloy (New) 1/18/2019 Download
Fight of Gods (New) 1/18/2019 Download
Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force (New) 1/19/2019 Download
Feral Fury (New) 1/23/2019 Download
FutureGrind (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Fairy Tale Puzzles Magic Objects (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Fernz Gate (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Freaky Awesome (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Fishing Star World Tour (New) 2/5/2019 Download
Farm Together (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Freecell BATTLE KING (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Flowlines VS (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Forgotten Tales Day of the Dead (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Farm Expert 2018 (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Football Heroes Turbo (New) 2/10/2019 Download
FINAL FANTASY IX (New) Video Proof Download
Fimbul (New) 2/28/2019 Download
FateEXTELLA LINK + Update (New) 3/25/2019 Download
Final Fantasy VII (New) Video Proof Download
FUN FUN Animal Park (New) 3/29/2019 Download
Fractured Minds (New) 3/31/2019 Download
Feather + Update (New) 4/6/2019 Download
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (New) Video Proof Download
Frane Dragons’ Odyssey (New) 5/10/2019 Download
For The King + Update (New) 5/10/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘G’

Game Title
Gunlord X (New) 5/22/2019 Download
GUILTY GEAR XX ACORE PLUS R (New) 5/16/2019 Download
GUILTY GEAR (New) 5/16/2019 Download
Gyro Boss DX (New) 5/6/2019 Download
Gym Hero + Update (New) 5/2/2019 Download
GoatPunks (New) 5/1/2019 Download
Giga Wrecker Alt (New) 4/28/2019 Download
Gnomes Garden 2 (New) 1/4/2019 Download
Gaokao Love 100Days (New) 1/5/2019 Download
Grab Lab (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Gem Smashers (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Gunman Clive HD Collection (New) 1/19/2019 Download
Ginger Beyond the Crystal (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Guilt Battle Arena (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Guns of Mercy Rangers Edition (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Goat Simulator: The Goaty (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Grab the Bottle (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Glass Masquerade (New 2/9/2019 Download
Gnomes Garden New Home (New 2/9/2019 Download
Gelly Break (New 2/14/2019 Download
Ghoulboy (New 2/19/2019 Download
GIGANTIC ARMY (New) 2/22/2019 Download
Ginsei Shogi Kyoutendo Toufuu Raijin (New) 2/25/2019 Download
Golf Peaks (New) 3/19/2019 Download
Grand Prix Story (New) 3/23/2019 Download
Gems of War (New) 3/27/2019 Download
GALAK-Z (New) 3/27/2019 Download
Goken (New) 3/29/2019 Download
GODS Remastered (New) 3/29/2019 Download
Godly Corp (New) 4/6/2019 Download
Greco’s Hall of Kanji (New) 4/11/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘H’

Game Title
Hardway Party (New) 1/1/2019 Download
Hive Jump (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Hopiko (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Hot Gimmick Cosplay-jong for Nintendo Switch (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Haunted Dungeons Hyakki Castle (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Heroes Trials (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Hyperide (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander (New) 2/7/2019 Download
Hell Warders (New) 2/22/2019 Download
History 2048 (New) 3/3/2019 Download
Hard West (New) 3/8/2019 Download
Hook (New) 3/15/2019 Download
Hob The Definitive Edition (New) 4/4/2019 Download
Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice Video Proof Drive, Torrent
Hell is Other Demons + Update Download
Homo Machina (New) 4/26/2019 Download
Hotel Dracula (New) 4/30/2019 Download
Hellmut The Badass From Hell (New) 5/6/2019 Download
Hexagravity (New) 5/6/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘I’

Game Title
Iro Hero (New) 1/2/2019 Download
Ice Cream Surfer (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Invisiballs (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Iris School of Wizardry Vinculum Hearts (New) 1/15/2019 Download
IHUGU (New) 1/25/2019 Download
INSTANT TENNIS (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Inops (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Iron Crypticle (New) 2/18/2019 Download
Imomushi Wars DX (New) 2/24/2019 Download
Izneo (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Inventioneers (New) 3/26/2019 Download
Istanbul; Digital Edition (New) 3/28/2019 Download
INFERNO CLIMBER REBORN (New) 3/29/2019 Download
Iron Snout (New) Download
Isoland 2 Ashes of Time (New) 4/27/2019 Download
Impossible Mission (New) 5/1/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘J’

Game Title
Jolt Family Robot Racer (New) 1/25/2019 Download
JackQuest The Tale Of The Sword (New) 1/25/2019 Download
J.B. Harold Murder Club (New) 2/25/2019 Download
James Pond Operation Robocod (New) 3/23/2019 Download
Junk Planet (New) 3/23/2019 Download
Jungle Z (New) 4/10/2019 Download
Joe Jump (New) 5/1/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘K’

Game Title
Kitty Love -Way to look for love (New) 1/1/2019 Download
Knock Em Down Bowling (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Kill All Zombies (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Kingmaker Rise to the Throne (New) 2/10/2019 Download
KYUB (New) 2/19/2019 Download
Kaiji – Steel Beam Crossing of Despair (New) 2/25/2019 Download
Klondike Solitaire (New) 3/2/2019 Download
Katana ZERO + Update (New) 4/18/2019 Download
KORAL (New) 5/17/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘L’

Game Title
Lost in Harmony (New) 1/1/2019 Download
Lightseekers (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Left Right The Mansion (New) 1/19/2019 Download
Little Triangle (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds (New) 1/25/2019 Download
LongStory (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Lyrica (New) 3/18/2019 Download
Little Shopping (New) 3/19/2019 Download
Little Friends Dogs and Cats (New) 4/24/2019 Download
Lost Artifacts Soulstone (New) 5/10/2019 Download
Lovecrafts Untold Stories + Update (New) 5/11/2019 Download
Light Tracer (New) 5/17/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘M’

Game Title
MechaNika (New) 1/1/2019 Download
Mad Age & This Guy (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Momodora (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Mega Mall Story (New) 1/19/2019 Download
Mahjong (New) 1/23/2019 Download
My Exotic Farm 2018 (New) 1/23/2019 Download
My Memory of Us (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Mentori Puzzle (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Monster Loves You (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Mages of Mystralia (New) Video Proof Download
Merchants of Kaidan (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Magic Nations (New) 2/7/2019 Download
Mimic Hunter (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Mercury Race (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Magic Scroll Tactics (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Madorica Real Estate (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Minesweeper Genius (New) 2/14/2019 Download
Modern Combat Blackout (New) Video Proof Download
Mindball Play (New) 2/18/2019 Download
Moero Chronicle Hyper (New) 2/27/2019 Download
My Girlfriend is a Mermaid (New) 2/28/2019 Download
Monster Dynamite (New) 3/2/2019 Download
Monument Builders Rushmore (New) 3/8/2019 Download
Motorsport Manager + Update (New) 3/23/2019 Download
MECHSTERMINATION FORCE (New) 4/5/2019 Download
Modern Tales; Age Of Invention (New) 4/5/2019 Download
Monster Slayers (New) 4/6/2019 Download
My Time at Portia (New) Video Proof Download
Mortal Kombat 11 (New) Video Proof Download
Moai VI; Unexpected Guests (New) Download
Moto Rush GT (New) Download
Moero Chronicle Hyper (New) 4/29/2019 Download
Meow Motors (New) 5/9/2019 Download
Monster Puzzle (New) 5/9/2019 Download
MachiKnights Blood bagos (New) 5/10/2019 Download
Masquerada Songs and Shadows (New) 5/10/2019 Download
Mutant Blobs Attack (New) 5/11/2019 Download
My Big Sister (New) 5/11/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘N’

Game Title
Video Proof Magnet
Necrosphere Deluxe (New) 2/2/2019 Download
New Star Manager N Update (New) Video Proof Download
Nightmare Boy N Update (New) Video Proof Download
Ninja Village (New) 3/6/2019 Download
Not Not – A Brain-Buster + Update (New) 3/15/2019 Download
Nuclear Throne + Update (New) Download
Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists (New) 3/31/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘O’

Game Title
Omega Strike (New) 1/2/2019 Download
OK K O! Let’s Play Heroes (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Otto (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Onimusha Warlords (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Overdriven Reloaded Special Edition (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Octahedron Transfixed Edition (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Observer (New) Video Proof Download
Onigiri (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Oxyjet (New) 2/9/2019 Download
OlliOlli Switch Stance + Update (New) Video Proof Download
Order Land (New) 2/25/2019 Download
OMG Zombies! (New) 3/27/2019 Download
OVERWHELM (New) 4/4/2019 Download
Out There The Alliance (New) 4/10/2019 Download
Our World Is Ended + Update (New) Video Proof Download
OTTTD Over The Top Tower Defense (New) 5/7/2019 Download
Octogeddon (New) 5/17/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘P’


Game Title
Pang Adventures (New) 1/5/2019 Download
Parallel (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Pipe Push Paradise (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Planet RIX 13 (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Premium Pool Arena (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Pikuniku (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Photon Cube (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Puzzle Wall (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Piczle Colors (New) 2/6/2019 Download
planetarian (New) 2/7/2019 Download
Ping Pong Trick Shot EVOLUTION (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Percys Predicament Deluxe (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Pocket Academy (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Paladin (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (New) Video Proof Download
Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Pirates Pinball (New) 3/3/2019 Download
Proficient Paddles Deluxe (New) 3/14/2019 Download
Pillar (New) 3/19/2019 Download
Power  Rangers  Battle  for the Grid + Update v1.0.1 + DLC Unlocker 3/27/2019 Download
President (New) 3/27/2019 Download
Pressure Overdrive (New) 4/5/2019 Download
Pitfall Planet (New) 4/5/2019 Download
PSYVARIAR DELTA (New) 4/15/2019 Download
Path to Mnemosyne (New) Download
PICROSS S3 (New) Download
Panty Party (New) 4/30/2019 Download
PuzzleHerder (New) 5/4/2019 Download
Preventive Strike (New) 5/6/2019 Download
Puyo Puyo Champions (New) 5/7/2019 Download
Pocket League Story (New 5/17/2019 Download
Project Nimbus Complete Edition (New 5/17/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘Q’

Game Title
Quest for the Golden Duck (New) 2/24/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘R’

Game Title
Red’s Kingdom (New) 1/5/2019 Download
Roarr Jurassic Edition (New) 1/16/2019 Download
Robbotto (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Rampage Knights (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Radio Hammer Station (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Reverie Sweet As Edition (New) 2/7/2019 Download
Robothorium (New) 2/10/2019 Download
RICO (New) 2/18/2019 Download
Rotating Brave (New) 2/19/2019 Download
Remi Lore (New) 2/28/2019 Download
Rad Rodgers Radical Edition (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Riddled Corpses EX + Update (New) 3/2/2019 Download
R.B.I Baseball 19 + Update (New) Video Proof Download
Rogue Bit (New) 3/22/2019 Download
Reptilian Rebellion (New) 3/24/2019 Download
Reigns Game of Thrones (New) 4/11/2019 Download
Risky Rescue (New) Download
Robox (New) 4/24/2019 Download
Rollin’ Eggz (New) 4/30/2019 Download
Reverse Crawl (New) 5/11/2019 Download
Redout (New) 5/14/2019 Download
Rock of Ages 2 Bigger & Boulder (New) 5/15/2019 Download
Resident Evil 0 (New) Video Proof Magnet , Drive
Rolling Gunner + Update (New) 5/20/2019 Download
Resident Evil 4 (New) 5/21/2019 Magnet , Drive
Resident Evil 1 (New) 5/21/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘S’

Game Title
Snowboarding the next phase (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Soap Dodgem (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Spot The Differences Party (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Stellar Interface (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Super Toy Cars (New) 1/17/2019 Download
Spy Chameleon (New) 1/18/2019 Download
Sling Ming (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Slam Land (New) 1/25/2019 Download
Silver Star Chess (New) 1/25/2019 Download
SmuggleCraft (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Son of a Witch (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Super Saurio Fly (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Spheroids (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Swords & Soldiers (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Stardust Galaxy Warriors Stellar Climax (New) 1/30/2019 Download
Stray Cat Doors (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Super Rock Blasters (New) 2/7/2019 Download
Sky Gamblers Afterburner (New) 2/7/2019 Download
Shanky The Vegans Nightmare (New) 2/7/2019 Download
Sword of the Guardian (New) Video Proof Download
Stunt Kite Party (New) 2/9/2019 Download
Solstice Chronicles MIA (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Splash Blast Panic (New) 2/10/2019 Download
SMITE (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Strikey Sisters (New) 2/18/2019 Download
Space Lift Danger Panic (New) 2/18/2019 Download
Smashing The Battle for Nintendo Switch (New) 2/21/2019 Download
SKYHILL (New) 2/27/2019 Download
Symphonic Rain (New) 2/27/2019 Download
Shred 2 Freeride Mountainbiking (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon (New) 3/2/2019 Download
Space War Arena (New) 3/3/2019 Download
SEGA AGES Alex Kidd (New) 3/3/2019 Download
Super Robot Wars T (New) Video Proof Download
Super Kickers League (New) 3/20/2019 Download
Super Phantom Cat Remake (New) 3/22/2019 Download
SYMMETRY (New) 3/22/2019 Download
StarDrone (New) 3/27/2019 Download
She Remembered Caterpillars (New) 3/28/2019 Download
Snow Battle Princess Sayuki (New) 3/29/2019 Download
Shadow Blade Reload (New) 3/31/2019 Download
Safety First! (New) 4/2/2019 Download
Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission (New) Video Proof Download
The friends of Ringo Ishikawa (New) 4/4/2019 Download
Sephirothic Stories (New) 4/5/2019 Download
Switch N Shoot (New) 4/10/2019 Download
Shadowgate + Update (New) 4/11/2019 Download
SLIME TACTICS + Update (New) 4/11/2019 Download
SteamWorld Quest + Update (New) 4/13/2019 Download
Super Weekend Mode + Update (New) 4/13/2019 Download
Street Basketball (New) 4/13/2019 Download
SEGA AGES PUYO PUYO 4/15/2019 Download
SlabWell: The Quest For Kaktun’s Alpaca + Update (New) 4/18/2019 Download
Sudoku Relax (New) Download
Secrets of Magic 1 The Book of Spells (New) Download
Saints Row The Third The Full Package (New) Video Proof Download
Shalnor Legends Sacred Lands (New) 4/29/2019 Download
Super Blood Hockey (New) 4/29/2019 Download
Super Star Blast (New) 4/30/2019 Download
Strike Suit Zero Directors Cut (New) 5/2/2019 Download
Shadows of Adam + Update (New) 5/6/2019 Download
Shakedown Hawaii + Update (New) Video Proof Download
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered (New) Video Proof MEGA , Drive
Super Life OF Pixel (New) 5/16/2019 Download
Skelly Selest (New) 5/19/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘T’

Game Title
Teddy the Wanderer Kayaking (New) 1/1/2019 Download
Trouserheart (New) 1/15/2019 Download
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes + Update + DLC (New) Video Proof Download
Tetraminos (New) 1/23/2019 Download
The Office Quest (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Tangledeep (New) 2/6/2019 Download
Thea the awakening (New) 2/6/2019 Download
The Rainsdowne Players (New) 2/9/2019 Download
The Stillness of the Wind (New) 2/9/2019 Download
The Kings Bird (New) Video Proof Download
Trax Build it Race it (New) 2/10/2019 Download
TETRIS 99 + Update + DLC (New) Video Proof Download
The Golf (New) 2/18/2019 Download
Trine 2 Complete Story (New) 2/19/2019 Download
Trials Rising Standard Edition (New) 3/1/2019 Download
The Journey Down Trilogy (New) 2/22/2019 Download
The Demon Crystal (New) 2/25/2019 Download
Tyr Chains of Valhalla (New) 2/25/2019 Download
Treasure Stack (New) 2/26/2019 Download
The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame + Update + DLC (New) Video Proof Download
The Lost Light of Sisu (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Tardy (New) 3/1/2019 Download
ToeJam N Earl Back in the Groove (New) 3/1/2019 Download
The Caligula Effect Overdose (New) Video Proof Download
The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya + Update (New) 3/14/2019 Download
The Red Strings Club (New) 3/14/2019 Download
Turok (New) 3/18/2019 Download
Twist & Match (New) 3/19/2019 Download
The Princess Guide (New) 3/25/2019 Download
The World Next Door + Update (New) 3/30/2019 Download
Table Top Racing World Tour Nitro Edition (New) 4/12/2019 Download
Tanks Meet Zombies (New) Download
Tin Knight (New) Download
The Knight & the Dragon (New) Download
The Padre (New) Download
Taisho x Taisho Alice all in one (New) 4/24/2019 Download
Type Rider (New) 4/26/2019 Download
Theatre Tales (New) 4/27/2019 Download
The Little Acre (New) 4/27/2019 Download
The swords of Ditto : Mormo’s Curse (New) 5/5/2019 Download
Team Sonic Racing (New) Video Proof MEGA , Drive
Thief Simulator (New) 5/17/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘U’

Game Title
Undead Horde (New) 5/16/2019 Download
UglyDolls An Imperfect Adventure + Update (New) 4/30/2019 Download
Umihara Kawase Fresh (New) 4/25/2019 Download
Ultrawings (New) 3/29/2019 Download
Undead’s Building (New) 3/28/2019 Download
Unit 4 (New) 3/24/2019 Download
Unravel Two (New) 3/21/2019 Download
Unknown Fate (New) 3/8/2019 Download
Unicornicopia for Nintendo Switch (New) 1/4/2019 Download
UTOPIA 9 – A Volatile Vacation (New) 1/23/2019 Download
Unruly Heroes (New) Video Proof Download
Unworthy (New) 2/7/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘V’

Game Title
Vertical Strike Endless Challenge (New) 1/2/2019 Download
Voxel Sword (New) 1/15/2019 Download
VOID (New) 3/1/2019 Download
Valley (New) 3/14/2019 Download
Vaporum (New) 4/11/2019 Download
Vandals (New) 4/26/2019 Download
VA-11 Hall-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action (New) Video Proof Download

Letter→ ‘W’

Game Title
Warp Shift (New) 1/2/2019 Download
Waking Violet (New) 1/25/2019 Download
When Ski Lifts Go Wrong (New) 1/25/2019 Download
WarGroove + Update (New) 1/27/2019 Download
Warhammer Quest (New) 2/19/2019 Download
World Tree Marche (New) 3/1/2019 Download
West of Loathing + Update (New) Video Proof Download
warparty (New) 3/23/2019 Download
Witch & Hero (New) 3/24/2019 Download
Windscape (New) 3/29/2019 Download
War Theatre (New) 4/5/2019 Download
Way of the Passive Fist (New) 4/11/2019 Download
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions + Update (New) 4/17/2019 Download
Witch Thief (New) Download
WORLDEND SYNDROME (New) 5/6/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘X’

Game Title
Xtreme club racing (New) 5/6/2019 Download
Xenon Racer (New) 3/24/2019 Download
Xmorph Defense + DLC (New) Video Proof Download

Letter→ ‘Y’

Game Title
Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution (New) 5/1/2019 Download
Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution (New) 5/1/2019 Download
Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution (New) 5/1/2019 Download
Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution (New) 5/1/2019 Download
Yet Another Zombie Defense HD (New) 3/31/2019 Download
Yoshi’s Crafted World (New) Video Proof Torrent
Yuso (New) 1/2/2019 Download
YIIK A Postmodern RPG + Update (New) 1/18/2019 Download
You Died but a Necromancer revived you (New) Download
YUMENIKKI DREAM DIARY (New) 1/21/2019 Download

Letter→ ‘Z’

Game Title
Zen Bound 2 (New) Video Proof Download
Zombie Night Terror (New) 2/10/2019 Download
Zombie Scrapper (New) 4/6/2019 Download
Zeroptian Invasion (New) 4/29/2019 Download

18 thoughts on “Eshop Collection 2019”

  1. Anyone tried swords of ditto?
    Installed NSP (+Update) and converted XCI(+Update) don’t boot. Always a black screen
    Anyone same results?

    1. please if you have any question regarding switch, then contact us in discord from help/request section

  2. Good Morning,

    For some reason, when i click on the download button for Darkwood, i get an error message that states i can’t download at this time because of usage exceeding..

    Please help..

  3. Thanks for your present.
    However, can you check if you can install the game of “For the King”?
    I tried to install “For the king” several times over by SXPro but It didn’t work.

    Please check it again.


  4. Lovecraft’s Untold Stories will not run after install, other recent uploads have worked fine. Tried with and without update.

  5. I cant download anything from you anymore. When I click on a download link (I have all ad blockers disabled) I get connected to this healthfary page where I need to do a captcha. I do the captcha right and NOTHING happens. I don’t get connected to any page. I’ve tried it with Fire Fox and with Chrome. I’ve used to love your site but now I can not use it anymore. Sad.

    1. Did you watch ” How to Download ” btw i can not provide free google drive link. cause i am using a lot of paid service.

  6. hi, the Darkwood game doesnt launch, i have 8.0.0 Os and my CFW is Atmosphere 12.1 i use goldtree to install it please help

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