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ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 10:43
Hello Everyone, If you have any inquiry ask here
ReplyUzzo 27.11 11:24
Could you upload abzu for the switch please thanks
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 11:37
Uzzo its not available yet
ReplyMatoZX 27.11 11:55
Do you have a Discord Server? if so can I get an Invite?
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 11:55
MatoZX currently we make it private. if u have any question ask me
ReplyFerry 27.11 12:55
can u upload bendy and the ink machine xci ?
Replybay 27.11 13:29
when is kamen rider for switch is available?
Replytogen 27.11 13:32
i cant find the latest version for Enter The Gungeon, are you able to get it on here for me?? pls?
ReplyMudshark 27.11 13:46
Replymooncricket 27.11 14:50
mudshark… lol
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 15:25
Ferry only nsp available
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 15:26
bay not available right now
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 15:27
togen Enter The Gungeon have new update No lattest version
ReplyNemesis9 27.11 15:29
smash save file w all the characters?
ReplyBlackCat 27.11 16:20
Hi, I need the legend of zelda breath of the wild plssss 🙂 . Nice website i loved!
ReplyRobRoy 27.11 16:24
Cant wait to get Football Manager Touch 2019
ReplyBlackCat 27.11 16:24
And mario odyssey and donkey kong tropical freeze 🙂 . TKS !!!!!!!
ReplyMike 27.11 16:31
Kamen rider climax scramble please….
ReplyVladydm 27.11 17:04
Hi!! Could you upload the beautiful and fun MOMONGA PINBALL ADVENTURES and SUPER TOY CARS?? They are quite impossible to find!!
ReplyViolentKen 27.11 17:27
There are many aca neogeo games that I can‘t find anywhere
Replyvladydm 27.11 17:30
The mentioned games are NOT ACANEOGEO… The strange thing is that there are UPDATES somewhere, but NOT the base title !! :O
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 17:32
BlackCat i can provide only torrent link for those titles
ReplyLink352 27.11 17:35
Hi, could you upload white night?
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 17:36
Link352 its not available yet for now !!
Replyjoe 27.11 17:45
Is lets go pikachu availabile?
ReplyJones 27.11 17:56
Hey anything on PixArk?
Replyhii 27.11 18:28
Hello, I would like to download 1 2 switch. How and where to get it?
ReplyBlackCat 27.11 18:28
@Softcobra ,No problem. I prefer torrent
ReplyHii 27.11 18:29
Can give me the full website name, please?
ReplyHii 27.11 18:30
Is it easy to download?
ReplyBlackCat 27.11 18:39
SoftcobrawebI prefer torrent, pls I Need 😉
ReplyJunior 27.11 18:52
Hi, i cant find Paw Patrol, could you upload please? Thanks and great site.
ReplyMatheus 27.11 19:52
pokemon lets go pikachu its ok to download?
ReplyPJ 27.11 20:05
Yes pokemon lets go pikachu nsp is safe. if you are worried you can download the xci version which do not install any software directly to your switch
ReplyMatheus 27.11 20:08
I downloaded it yesterday and wanted to know if I was safe.
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 20:42
joe Lets go Pikhachu –
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 20:44
Jones PixArk is not available
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 20:44
hii Go to Switch XCI Collection Page
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 20:46
Junior Nickelodeon Paw Patrol On a Roll is in Switch Eshop Collection Page
ReplyDarkside 27.11 20:51
Can you add dungeon village
ReplyRicardo 27.11 20:53
I need Horizon Chase Turbo nsp, where can down?
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 20:55
BlackCat legend of zelda breath of the wild + Update + Season Pass + Linkle Mod –
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 20:57
Darkside dungeon village is not available right now
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 20:57
Ricardo Horizon Chase Turbo is not available right now
Replyst9051 27.11 21:04
paw patrol XCI version
ReplyRicardo 27.11 21:10
Do you see the game Final Light, The Prison? This game too never get download.
ReplyRicardo 27.11 21:10
Sorry the words, but dont speek very well english.
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:11
Ricardo its not dump yet
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:11
st9051 u can try nsp
ReplyRicardo 27.11 21:12
Yes, i think exist just nsp this game.
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:13
Ricardo i did not have yet
ReplyJummSo 27.11 21:14
I would like to see more ACA Neogeo nsp since there are many more available but nobody seems to post them :/
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:15
JummSo will add in future when have the complete collection
ReplyfredPin 27.11 21:18
SINNER Sacrifice for Redemption, dosent work? or is just me?
ReplyfredPin 27.11 21:19
NSP, sorry for incomplete messege. 😀
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:19
fredPin may be & there is a new Update v1.0.1011 arrive
ReplyPeter 27.11 21:23
Hi! I would like to know when you are going to have the last update of Dead Cells. Sorry if my English isn’t so good, I´m Spanish. Thanks, bro.
ReplyfredPin 27.11 21:25
thanks man!
ReplyJonatas 27.11 21:35
Where is the nintendo games updates and dlc’s???
ReplyPeter 27.11 21:37
There is an "Updates and DLC Collection" section
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:37
Nintendo Switch Updates & DLC Nintendo Switch Updates & DLC (New) ) Letter→ ‘#’ Game Title 3D Minigolf Update Download  Letter→ ‘A’ Game Title Arms Update Download Armello Update Download Art of Balance Update Download Axiom Verge Update Download Azure Striker GUNVOLT STRIKER PACK Update Download Atelier Lydie & Suelle Update Download Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Update Download Letter→ ‘B’ Game … 33
ReplyEmerson 27.11 21:45
Does the samsh ultimate xci work?
ReplyEmerson 27.11 21:45
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:46
Emerson do u wanna sese proof
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:47
Check my video –
ReplyEmerson 27.11 21:47
I don’t need it, but I just can’t find it, and it was here before
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:48
Emerson if u wanna grab link let me know
ReplyEmerson 27.11 21:48
Can I get the link please?
ReplyPeter 27.11 21:48
It works fine. I downloaded the first day he posted it
ReplyEmerson 27.11 21:49
I tried to download it, but it was downloaded too often
ReplyEmerson 27.11 21:50
Softcobraweb Also, did you just add this? I don’t think I’ve seen it if it’s been here for a while
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:50
ReplyEmerson 27.11 21:52
Softcobraweb Download quota is still backed up, do I just wait until it cools down?
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:53
Emerson try magnet link or check Faqs in our website
ReplyPeter 27.11 21:54
@Softcobraweb Could you answer my question, please? Hi! I would like to know when you are going to have the last update of Dead Cells. Sorry if my English isn’t so good, I´m Spanish. Thanks, bro.
ReplySoftcobraweb 27.11 21:55
Peter i have last update which is V1.02
ReplyPeter 27.11 22:00
Oh, I’m sorry. I thought it has a new update like PC. Sorry so much, and thanks!
Replyst9051 27.11 22:53
i dont do nsp thats why im looking for paw patrol xci from lube
ReplyCarlbird 27.11 23:18
Is Smash on here anywhere? I apologize if it is and I’m just not finding it.
ReplyDarkMoon 27.11 23:27
do you have mario odyssey?
ReplyGamer 27.11 23:36
Softcobraweb hallo, what about football manager 2019, will it be available soon?
ReplyJonatas 28.11 02:09
I know where have the updates and dlc’s, but some games (the exclusive nintendo games) don’t have the link to download
ReplyJonatas 28.11 02:10
ReplyJonatas 28.11 02:11
ReplyCal 28.11 02:47
Paw Patrol XCI ??
ReplyClsaa 28.11 04:25
WARFRAME please!
ReplyApex71 28.11 04:29
Hi, do you know we’re I could get DRAGODINO,, and thank you so kindly for your wonderful website,,
ReplyApex71 28.11 04:30
I thought warframe was on line only,, that’s what it says on there Web site??
ReplyVinicius Oliveira 28.11 05:03
I need Super Mario Odyssey upadate ?
ReplyVinicius Oliveira 28.11 05:04
Replyblueknight22 28.11 06:11
do you have yooka-laylee asia version???
ReplyAuphilo 28.11 06:14
The link for WorldEnd Syndrome in the XCI section leads to a Google Drive you have to request access to, and the owner didn’t give me access. Would it be possible to get a new link?
ReplyNyakei 28.11 06:40
Please upload an update for Starlink Battle For Atlas. The version 1.0.2 isn’t working, there is a new update. Can’t play the game without the update. Thanks
Replytacio 28.11 07:05
tem como me mandar o link do20xx?
Replyjohn.k 28.11 07:24
whats about super smash bro it’s out now
Replybay 28.11 07:37
thanks for super smash & kamen rider ~,~
ReplyWilson 28.11 07:50
Yonder updates not working
Replynameless666 28.11 09:20
thx for the kamen rider 🙂
Replyghost 28.11 10:15
i have a switch 5.0 fw an sx pro. can i update that firmware to 6?
ReplyAV123 28.11 10:33
Can you add ScreenCheat please. Thanks
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 10:40
Jonatas because Nintendo ninja raid everywhere
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 10:41
Cal please try nsp for Paw Patrol
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 10:46
Vinicius Oliveira go to updates & DLC Page
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 10:47
Nyakei Starlink Battle For Atlas new update is v1.0.2 further do not have any update
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 10:47
john.k yes
ReplySam 28.11 11:16
Any chance of uploading Super Smash Bros?
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 11:20
Sam No chance Dude but i can give it to here. Super Smash Bros –
ReplyCelica 28.11 11:20
Why is it that you cant upload ssbu?
ReplyCelica 28.11 11:20
Is it because its fake?
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 11:21
Celica do u wanna see proof here –
ReplyCelica 28.11 11:22
No, im just wondering why you pulled it off the list
ReplyCelica 28.11 11:22
Thank you for your hard work
ReplyCelica 28.11 11:22
I was looking for the dl link that’s why
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 11:22
Celica Because nintendo raid everywhere
ReplyCelica 28.11 11:24
Ok. Just a suggestion. Post md5 or sha1 for us people paranoid
ReplyCelica 28.11 11:24
Thank you
ReplySam 28.11 11:28
@Softcobraweb Thanks for your great work!
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 11:29
ReplyCelica 28.11 11:31
Request. Ff maxima and ff15 pocket edition
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 11:33
Celica Ff maxima is in Switch Eshop Collection page.check it through navigation panel
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 11:33
also ff15 pocket edition
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 11:33
Check it here –
Switch Eshop Collection Switch Eshop Collection Letter→ ‘#’ Game Title 3D Billiards – Pool & Snooker (New) 12/07/2018 Download 99vidas (New) 11/28/2018 Download 7 Billion Humans (New) 11/1/2018 Download 911 Operator + Update + DLC Pack (New) 10/30/2018 Download 6180 the moon N Update (New) 10/29/2018 Download 20XX Download 36 Fragments of Midnight Download 30-in-1 Game Collection Volume 1 … 80
ReplyCelica 28.11 11:35
Yes, thank you. Was looking there not long ago
Replydodo 28.11 13:00
Pokken DLC link is dead. Please refresh
ReplyMac 28.11 13:15
Hey. Was wondering about the BOTW DLC. Softcobraweb
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 13:16
dodo go to switch updates & DLC page
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 13:17
Mac are u here
ReplyMac 28.11 13:17
Yep, I’m here
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 13:18
hold a sec
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 13:18
Mac legend of zelda breath of the wild + Update + Season Pass + Linkle Mod –
ReplyMac 28.11 13:19
ReplyMac 28.11 13:27
While I’m here, could you link me to the Splatoon 2 update as well? And do you happen to know the minimum required firmware for that update?
ReplyCbC 28.11 14:53
Horizon Chase Turbo is out today, hope we get a dump
ReplyQuaddragone 28.11 15:19
PLGPikachu ->(torrent) Secondary lookup failed: no sources found ( Gdrive -> 404 error… New links?
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 15:22
Quaddragone No only torrent link is available
ReplyQuaddragone 28.11 15:23
Torrent link down…Secondary lookup failed: no sources found. Do you have the torrent upload somewhere?
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 15:30
Quaddragone try another torrent host. i checked it ok
ReplyApex71 28.11 15:35
Hi, could you help me find DRAGODINO,, please.
ReplyQuaddragone 28.11 16:05
Softcobraweb Thanks! Working now!
ReplyBlackCat 28.11 16:27
Pls do you have Donkey Kong tropical freeze??? TKS very much!
Replyjimmy 28.11 19:13
bro kamen rider only jpn ? or can switch to english ?
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 20:41
jimmy region is japan but language available en,jp,cn
ReplyAuphilo 28.11 21:13
Hi, I posted this yesterday but… the link for WorldEnd Syndrome in the XCI section leads to a Google Drive you have to request access to, and the owner didn’t give me access. Would it be possible to get a new link?
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 21:27
Auphilo fixed
ReplyAuphilo 28.11 22:26
ReplyNoba 28.11 22:43
Can someone please direct me to directions of loading files onto my switch?
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 22:44
Noba i dont understand what u mean !?
ReplyNoba 28.11 22:45
@Softcobraweb when i download the game files. how do i put them onto my switch
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 22:45
Noba do u have sx os or use tinyfoli
ReplyNoba 28.11 22:47
ummmm neither? I have a standard switch from the store. I am very new to this…
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 22:49
Noba its better to check it in youtube
ReplyNoba 28.11 22:50
is there a link you could give me? I have no idea what im looking for.
ReplyNoba 28.11 22:50
ReplySoftcobraweb 28.11 22:50
just google it how to use
ReplyNoba 28.11 22:52
@Softcobraweb OK well guess this was a fail because i have no idea what im looking for or even how to word it. was looking for some friendly advice to point me in the right direction. but thanks anyway
ReplyAuphilo 29.11 00:04
@Noba he even mentioned SX OS and Tinfoil, you could just look that up… or you could google "how to play XCI/NSP games on switch" or something. Just gotta use that google-fu
Replylazo 29.11 00:29
hi anyone here
ReplyDuke 29.11 01:15
Noba It’s easy you can use Reinx or Atmosphere CFW and just install NSP files using Tinfoil! Also Before you even start using any cfw you should back up your NAND.
Replylazo 29.11 01:22
what happened to the mario kart 8, marrio tennis,splatoon 2,zelda updates
ReplyRa1d 29.11 02:50
Hello, do you guys have XCI for Mario Tennis Aces ?
ReplyLilopes 29.11 03:39
where i can download pokemon lets go eevee?
Replymahlzeit 29.11 03:51
may i have a invite to discord?
ReplyLilopes 29.11 04:22
@Softcobraweb Hey, where i can download pokemon lets go eevee? Thanks you a lot
Replyanon 29.11 06:11
thanks for all your hard work softcoba
ReplySoftcobraweb 29.11 08:51
lazo Ra1d Lilopes All those titles are DMCA Take down. I can Provide this in Torrent link.If U Waana Grab it, Let Me Know !!.
ReplySoftcobraweb 29.11 08:52
mahlzeit Sorry Our Discord Channel is now Private
ReplyJoey 29.11 13:20
Question if you don’t mine… XCI’s with base+update+dlc install as normal all together or extension need to be changed to pull individually to install? Do you follow me?
ReplySoftcobraweb 29.11 14:15
Joey xci means base & others need to install separately if new arrival aslo release
Replyboymangay 29.11 20:07
do you have Zelda BOTW (XCI)+ update and DIC
ReplyMitchelle 29.11 20:07
Hi can i get nba2k19 v1.02 update pls
ReplySoftcobraweb 29.11 21:07
boymangay legend of zelda breath of the wild + Update + Season Pass + Linkle Mod –
ReplySoftcobraweb 29.11 21:08
Mitchelle i have nba2k19 v1.04 update
ReplyHelpMe 29.11 21:25
Im looking for directions and links on how to customize the firmware on my switch to allow me to use game files. youtube is not helping at all
ReplyHelpMe 29.11 21:38
Is homebrew an okay firmware to use?
ReplyDongan 29.11 21:47
Hello 🙂 Nice work @Softcobraweb !! Is Super smash bros ultimate available ?
ReplySoftcobraweb 29.11 23:36
HelpMe Super Smash Bros –
ReplyHardidi 30.11 00:06
ReplyDongan 30.11 01:04
Softcobraweb Thanks !! 🙂
ReplyAndy 30.11 03:12
Hi, do you have Professional Construction Simulator NSP you could upload, keep up the great work btw, much appreciated 🙂
ReplyLord Alex 30.11 04:01
Hello, link for pokemon lets go pikachu or eevee and Super smash bros ultimate is available???? i used this link but there is no any room… SSBU
ReplyRagnar 30.11 04:13
Smash Bros XCI not available anymore on GD, do you have a new link please?
Replyalessandro 30.11 04:31
Hi, do you have Diablo 3 Italian audio pack ?
ReplyMitchelle 30.11 04:43
Hi SoftCobra tried to download the v1.04update but it wont work the switch is asking me to update my firmware im currently on 6.1
ReplyPJ 30.11 04:58
@Softcobraweb just a heads up I think sega ages outrun needs to be reuploaded. I received a can’t read the nsp error
ReplyLord Alex 30.11 05:05
Hello, link for pokemon lets go pikachu or eevee and Super smash bros ultimate is available???? i used this link but there is no any room… SSBU
ReplyJames Kukon 30.11 06:44
NSP Games U put here that dont pass on NSPVerify (or are broken on Switch Backup Manager): – Coloring Book – Johnny Turbo’s Arcade – Night Slashers – Rage in Peace – Timber Tennis – Versus – Bendy and the Ink Machine (update only)
ReplyJames Kukon 30.11 06:44
– Noir Chronicles – City of Crime Also – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (xci) has MD5, SHA-1 harshes different of people around says its working (so, i know 3 differentes harshes sets for this xci game! yours is one of them)
ReplyJames Kukon 30.11 06:44
The nsp’s game i try to dl on other sites/foruns and no luck, same problems of verify… Could investigate and fix that?
ReplyJames Kukon 30.11 06:47
.Coloring Book, .Johnny Turbo’s Arcade – Night Slashers, .Rage in Peace, .Timber Tennis – Versus, .Bendy and the Ink Machine (update only), .Noir Chronicles – City of Crime
ReplySoftcobraweb 30.11 09:48
Ragnar only torrent link available because Google Drive Link DMCA take down
Replybrood 30.11 10:04
il take a link to mario kart 8 😀
ReplyVolt 30.11 10:18
Could you please upload the new update for Kirby Star Allies? Thanks!
ReplyBrandon 30.11 13:35
Guys I can’t find Smash? how I get it TT
ReplyDrak 30.11 16:57
I was told this is where to go to get Smash but I don’t see it…
ReplyIntuition 30.11 19:24
hey what about smash and plge?
ReplyBoy 30.11 19:35
Thanks for ZELDA BOTW
ReplySzymon 30.11 21:30
@Softcobraweb mario odyssey + update please
ReplySoftcobraweb 30.11 22:08
Brandon Super Smash Bros –
ReplySoftcobraweb 30.11 22:09
Volt Go to Switch Update & DLC Page
ReplyClay 30.11 22:20
Softcobraweb please mario odyssey and update
ReplyMeStory 30.11 22:27
@softcobraweb can you link me to mario tennis? and is there anywhere i can join the discord?
Replyjase 30.11 22:43
Hi , can I have an invite to your discord channel please
ReplyAle 30.11 22:46
Hi @Softcobraweb , do you have Diablo 3 Italian audio pack ?
Replyjase 30.11 22:47
Hi @softcobraweb can I have an invite to the discord channel please
ReplymaTIAS 30.11 23:56
HI!!! link to The legend of zelda BOTW XCI + UPDATE + DLC!!
ReplymaTIAS 30.11 23:56
@softcobraweb HI!!! link to The legend of zelda BOTW XCI + UPDATE + DLC!!
ReplyBaboo 01.12 01:04
@ softcobraweb Zelda BOTW with DLC and Xenoblade would be nice 😎
ReplyAndrexxx 01.12 01:55
Can i Join to discord group pls
ReplyTaher 01.12 03:00
Hello, where can I find Super Smash Bros Ultimate?
ReplyTaher 01.12 03:01
And where is the discord link, please
Replytwig 01.12 05:19
scroll back up a bit and you will see some one linked to supersmash
Replytwig 01.12 05:43
getting google error 404 for NSP for super smash. any fix?
Replyheloo 01.12 06:57
hello i was wondering if it could be posible to reupload fifa 2019 usa, i coulndt find in any web. thanks
Replyrafael 01.12 10:25
link for pokemon lets go ?
ReplyJames 01.12 11:13
Hello, all! Anyone have a link for Mario Kart 8 or Zelda?
ReplyEd 01.12 11:44
Mario Tennis?
ReplyChris 01.12 12:54
Do you know of anywhere to get the original dlc without the champions ballad and the 1.3.0 update for botw of the wild or somewhere that archives these. Wanted to play that version and do some of the glitches. Im playing the 1.0.0 version now. Thanks
ReplyDanimals 01.12 15:24
Yo can I get a discord inv?
ReplyPete 01.12 17:36
Hello, I got super smash from here and thanks for your hard work. However, I am wondering if this file is coming with 6.2 OFW. I am afraid if this could update my FW automatically or brick my console later on.
ReplyPaul 01.12 17:56
Hey there. First of all thank you very much fro all your hard work. I have an issue. Every DLC and update I downloaded from the page in .rar is damaged for some reason (XCI files are ok). Is there a way to fix this?
ReplyMinY 01.12 19:17
can I get a discord url?
ReplyJordan 01.12 20:59
Pokemon Lets go link?
ReplySoftcobraweb 01.12 21:29
Jordan Pokemon Lets go
ReplySoftcobraweb 01.12 21:30
Paul we do not provide any broken or damage file use 7z
ReplyPippo 01.12 22:41
Hello do you have a link for mario tennis aces?
Replyrenatosk 01.12 22:54
Hello do you have Zelda BOTW + update + dlcs NSP?
ReplyGambito 01.12 23:56
Hi, do you have Super Smash Bros?
ReplyGamby 02.12 00:44
where to find link for smash bros and pokemon thanks
ReplyRafa 02.12 02:21
Link Mario Tenis?
ReplyAri 02.12 03:36
Hello can you add world of final fantasy maxima.xci for switch thank you
Replydinks 02.12 03:45
Do you have an NSP section?
ReplyCarlos 02.12 05:33
wheres the link for super smash bros? can I have it please.
ReplyGaben 02.12 05:58
pokemon lets go pikachu or evee where can i download it?
ReplyBobert 02.12 07:48
Is there a link for either of the let’s go nsp? please and thank you!
ReplyMenezes\\\' 02.12 08:44
Need mario tennis aces. Just the update
ReplyJonny 02.12 09:09
do you have Mario tennis ace?
ReplyChristian 02.12 09:24
Link to Super Mario Party file?
ReplyFrederick 02.12 10:04
I downloaded Lets Sing 2019 but the file is the Paris one … plus the season pass is offline. :/
ReplyFrederick 02.12 11:07
also, lets sing 2018 DLCs and the game are not from the same region so they are installed separetly 🙁
Replychewygum 02.12 12:35
hi, may i have the super smash bro link?
ReplyJose 02.12 14:29
where can I find links for games like mario party or mario games in general?
ReplyCybee 02.12 17:22
The Monster boy is available? Thank you
ReplyRonja 02.12 17:47
Hello, is Super Smash Bros uploaded? Thanks for your hard work.
ReplyJonathon 02.12 18:50
hello where can i get a smash nsp? i don’t know a less obvious way to ask lol
ReplyMateusz 02.12 19:21
fifa 19 polish
ReplyMateusz 02.12 19:22
ReplyBozoid 02.12 19:50
Hack 6.2.0 is out..!
ReplyVay 02.12 22:14
Can you upload The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and can i join discord?
ReplyRavearth 02.12 22:15
Hi, where can I find Pokemon let’s go evoli/pikachu please ?
ReplyAndré 02.12 22:29
Hi! How Can I have Mario Tennis and Mario Kart 8?
ReplyRams 02.12 22:36
@Softcobraweb Do you have a link for SSBU? Thank you
ReplyJose 02.12 23:52
@softcobraweb Where can I get mario party link? 🙁
ReplySpongebob 03.12 01:15
i’m getting You need permission on Valkyria Chronicles 4 nsp link, and error 404 file not found on the jap dlc (same game)
Replysolid51 03.12 04:34
Hi man, you told me to "add in the list" when I ask for R-Type Dimensions EX, What do you mean? Where or hoy to do that? Thanks
ReplyBarry 03.12 04:54
Hey @Softcobra, may i have the smash link?
ReplyBarry 03.12 04:56
nvm found it
ReplyKevin 03.12 05:11
Pokemon lets go??
ReplyZee 03.12 07:43
Anyone know of a working 3d classics excitebike? Ive tried this and others online and for some reason its the only .cia file I have that wont open. It installs but when trying to launch i just get a black screen
ReplyCoup de Grace 03.12 11:07
Hi do you have Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Trilogy in English?
ReplyLiam 03.12 11:42
Hi, is the smash brothers already an xci file? or it’s an nsp file that is converted to xci? thanks!
ReplyJWKY 03.12 15:01
Where can i download pokemon?
Replypotte 03.12 15:30
Super Smash Bros Ultimate ?
Replypotte 03.12 15:41
found it from above msg Thx!!!!
Replyukneo 03.12 17:19
hi, have you got a link to mario kart please
ReplyJuan 03.12 19:36
Hola, link de pokemon pikachu?
ReplySoftcobraweb 03.12 20:24
solid51 its in Switch eshop collection page
ReplySoftcobraweb 03.12 20:24
Spongebob try xci file
ReplyTaher 03.12 20:34
I need L.A Noire english version please
ReplyTaher 03.12 20:35
The link posted in the website is Japanese I think
ReplySoftcobraweb 03.12 20:51
L.A Noire english version is a bad dump thats why we provide japan version
ReplySoftcobraweb 03.12 21:03
Join Here for any inquiry –
ReplyMateusz 03.12 23:18
pokemon lets go
ReplyAndy 03.12 23:50
I know this request appeared a lot of times but can you please share the link for Zelda BOTW in NSP … many thanks
ReplySoftcobraweb 04.12 00:14
Mateusz Andy Join Here to get all those title –
Replysolid51 04.12 02:47
Hi bro, sorry to bring you this but you put R-Type Dimensions EX and thanks for that, but the file its just 159 Mb? doesn’t seem odd to you 2 games remastered on 3D in a just 159Mb file? Just Checking. Thanks Again for your excelent work.
Replykav 04.12 04:19
@softcobraweb – any chance of smash bros?
ReplyFranco 04.12 07:46
@softcobraweb – Zelda Breath of Wild?
ReplyLR 04.12 07:49
Hello,@softcobraweb how can I download pokemon eevee let’s go ? 🙂
ReplyPedro 04.12 08:47
Hello, @softcobraweb do you have a link for Zelda Breath of Wild + DLC?
ReplySoftcobraweb 04.12 10:11
Franco kav LR Pedro Join Here to get all those title –
Replyitsemmee 04.12 21:32
how to download let’s go pikachu?
ReplyDanXdaN 04.12 22:36
Please, can you share Crash Bandicoot.nsp?
ReplySoftcobraweb 04.12 22:53
DanXdaN you can convert it through 4NXCI
ReplyToto 04.12 23:21
Hi can’t install monster boy on sx pro. Do i havr ti wait 4 update of cfw ? Thx !
ReplyDanXdaN 05.12 00:30
Softcobraweb Thanks, i will try.
ReplyAli 05.12 00:35
can you upload nintendo switch games in underline 1- super hyperactive ninja 2- pankapu 3- gotcha racing 3 -shadow bug 5- life goes on 6- samurai defender 😉
ReplyWowDo ItAgain 05.12 04:45
Any way I can get Super Smash Bros?
ReplyAdriana 05.12 04:47
Go to the discord channel, there’s a torrent link there
ReplyWLL 05.12 07:13
Can you share "Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy" nsp or xci If there are update and DLC existed, plz
ReplyCelica 05.12 08:28
I think valkyria chronicles 4 dlc gdrive link is broken. Please fix, thank you 🙂
ReplySoftcobraweb 05.12 08:34
WowDo ItAgain Join Here to get all those title –
ReplySoftcobraweb 05.12 08:35
Celica Check Switch Update & DLC Page
ReplyCelica 05.12 08:54
Thank you, boss!
ReplyWLL 05.12 09:21
Softcobraweb Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy, any source to download it?
ReplyPuche 05.12 10:16
Hi there do you have a link for smash ultimate?
Replyjimmy 05.12 11:23
hello bro mercenery wings do you hv english version? thank youu
ReplyCelica 05.12 13:52
Fullset roms for snes link not working
ReplyCosba 05.12 15:13
@Softcobraweb Super samsh bros nsp link plz
ReplyRenatoSK 05.12 16:02
@Softcobraweb can u upload Atelier Arland Series deluxe pack?
ReplyNeorasa 05.12 21:42
I would like an invitation to the discord channel
ReplyNeorasa 05.12 21:44
I found it, thank you very much
Replydmg7677 05.12 22:03
Hello ladies and gents, does anybody know how to get a gdrive link for e.g. smash and not the a magnet file?
Replyjared 06.12 00:07
Super Mario ultimate xci please
ReplyYang 06.12 02:18
@Softcobraweb Super samsh bros nsp link plz
Replybeer 06.12 02:46
i need link for super mario odessy
Replystban2017 06.12 05:28
mario party
ReplyJBoob 06.12 06:29
Has the Smash Ultimate Update been made available?
ReplyAndre 06.12 06:52
How can I find a link for the discord?
ReplyTrustMe 06.12 06:52
requesting @softcobraweb The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild with Updates and DLC
Replycloud 06.12 09:14
hey @softcobraweb can u add Atelier Arland series Deluxe Pack ?
Replyilham 06.12 11:55
link xenoblade 2 ??
ReplyKitch 06.12 12:25
Let’s SIng 2018 Season Pass DLC 404 Error Not Found
ReplyTemper 06.12 17:06
Hi, can you share YS VIII Lacrimosa of dana?
ReplyTemper 06.12 17:07
in NSP, please
ReplyTemper 06.12 17:26
Smash Bros, too please
Replyskater 06.12 18:10
super smash bros 🙂 can you give me a link?
Replytiremountain 06.12 19:57
smash bros would be very nice 🙂 i´m also interested for a link 🙂
ReplyGhetto 06.12 20:30
Smash Plex
ReplyTidus 06.12 22:40
Hello, interrested for smash bros too 🙂 thx
ReplyBuddah 07.12 00:33
As everyone else, would I be able to get Smashed too, please?
ReplyMarcin 07.12 01:27
super smash somehere?
ReplyPaul 07.12 01:30
Have you super smash bros
Replylogan 07.12 01:41
please join our discord
ReplyMarcin 07.12 01:42
please discord
ReplyRodrigo 07.12 04:49
ReplyRodrigo 07.12 04:50
Sorry my english. I from Brazil and not spek enlgish good…
ReplyRodrigo 07.12 04:51
Please, you have link in NSP to Pokémon Let’s Go Evee?
ReplyRodrigo 07.12 04:55
My Switch is firmware 6.2.0 and i Install Mario Odyssey and Mario+Rabbits but whem install Pokémon Lets go, the Game no open, show me the message this game have files corrupted…. You may show me how intall correctly?
ReplyMarcus 07.12 06:10
hi toki retrollection edition freezes when launch
Replybay 07.12 07:13
do you have the update file for smash bros?
Replymmm 07.12 07:50
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ??? Please help
ReplyEmma 07.12 08:51
How do I get smash bro’s
ReplyEmma 07.12 08:52
ReplyEmma 07.12 08:55
Link to smash bro’s please
ReplyTom 07.12 09:55
Smash Bros Link?
Replykelly 07.12 10:25
Smash Bros Link plzzzzzzzzz
Replykelly 07.12 10:37
link plz
Replygabos 07.12 11:04
smash Bros link??
Replysteven 07.12 11:56
Smashbros please 🙂
ReplyDaniel 07.12 13:49
Can I please get the Smashbros XCI Link?
ReplyMidzark 07.12 14:02
Hey do you have Smash Bros yet? Thank you
Replyadn 07.12 14:08
Hey Softcobraweb thanks for all this games….is it possible for you to create a new section only for the news releases?
Replylite 07.12 15:10
Hi how can i get the Smashbros ?
ReplySoftcobraweb 07.12 16:24
I gave 100 times answer Smashbros, pikhachu,zelda,splatoon, mario party everything is here –
ReplyMidzark 07.12 16:53
Thank you 🙂
ReplyKitch 07.12 19:11
@softcobraweb, do you have an update for Diablo 3? thanks in advance
ReplyARIEL 07.12 19:32
smash pleaseeee…
Replydave 07.12 19:53
Smash Bros. Pretty Prettty please
Replydave 07.12 19:54
just saw the message lol thank
ReplyEmilio 07.12 21:48
hey smash please
ReplyJon 07.12 22:03
Hi Softcobraweb, is the Atelier Arland working for you?
ReplyNaean 07.12 22:49
Hey guys where do i get pokemon lets go pikachu nsp?
ReplyZag 08.12 01:38
Hi guys. Anything about zelda please?
Replykiliran 08.12 01:56
anything about super smash bros?
Replyace 08.12 05:31
Replycan i get discord link 08.12 05:52
Replycan i get discord link 08.12 05:52
Replycan i get discord link 08.12 05:53
discord limk please?
Replydaddy 08.12 06:36
discord link?
ReplyBobby 08.12 07:25
Can I have a link to the discord?
ReplyBobby 08.12 07:27
@softcobraweb Can I join the discord?
Replydesta 08.12 08:20
do you still have link for mario kart 8 and mario odissy
ReplyMOMO 08.12 08:22
do you still have link for mario odissy?
Replydavid 08.12 08:32
can i get a discord invite
ReplyWhosane 08.12 08:50
ReplyDevon 08.12 09:31
anyone got a discord invite?
ReplyPon 08.12 10:02
yo super smahs bros ultimate link please? 🙂
ReplyCelica 08.12 12:55
Dbz fighterz… nothing for nsp yet, right?
Replyadley 08.12 13:00
anyone know how to get into discord channel?
ReplyEvan 08.12 13:05
Can I get the Smash link, pokemon go link, or link to discord?
ReplyEmad 08.12 14:23
Can i have the Smash Link Plz ? or the link to discord ?
ReplyDave 08.12 16:57
I got Ultra Street Fighter II the final challenge from you a while back. did you happen to have any updates? i cant see it any longer. thanks
Replydaniel 08.12 17:48
how do i get in the discord link?
ReplyErdoboy 08.12 17:54
Hi has anyone got the link for smash brothers please. Thanks
Replyboi 08.12 17:56
is this safe ??
Replyscott 08.12 18:34
super smash bros available
Replyzep 08.12 18:42
only nsp it seems
ReplyEvEE 08.12 19:08
can I have the Mario Tennis Aces in XCI?
ReplySup 08.12 19:25
Can I pay like $5 to skip ads?
ReplySup 08.12 19:26
I like the website and the work you’re doing. But these ads are super annoying.
Replydave 08.12 19:47
sega megadrive cant download for last two days. please could you look into it. thank you very much
Replybejo 08.12 19:49
super smash link? T.T
Replymauricio 08.12 20:02
Hi can you upload Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Many thanks
Replymauricio 08.12 20:16
got it…. discord … many thanks!
ReplyRay 08.12 20:18
super smash bros ultimate available?
ReplyRay 08.12 20:18
i would really appreciate a link 🙂
ReplyRay 08.12 20:18
thx in advance
Replyjohnny vagalume 08.12 20:27
Super Mario Odyssey (WLD) XCI link?
Replyjohnny vagalume 08.12 20:27
Gdrive if possible
ReplyAkaiLegend 08.12 21:39
zelda nsp link ?
ReplySwingKing 08.12 21:41
Where can i find Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?
ReplySoftcobraweb 08.12 22:40
SwingKing on Discord
Replyt1op 08.12 22:54
Slice Dice and Roll. Asks for a linked Nintendo account and wont start. I have CFW so I cant go online without a ban… Is there a work around or is this game unplayable on my Switch?
ReplySoftcobraweb 08.12 22:55
t1op if u have any inquiry discuss it in Discord
Replyt1op 08.12 22:55
Do I need an invite?
ReplySoftcobraweb 08.12 22:55
just login
ReplyLUIS ALBERTO 08.12 23:18
Hi, there will be a smash bros release?
ReplyMidzark 08.12 23:32
Hey how can I get Worms W.M.D Update v1.1.2 as the download link isn’t working 🙁
ReplyAlex 09.12 01:50
Hello, where could I find Super Smash Bros?
Replyboycool2 09.12 02:48
hello, there will be a smash bros realease
Replyadjo 09.12 03:38
im i the only one….who’s having troubles too download any games. when i click on a link he wont send me through. please help me. I only get advertisement
Replybill 09.12 08:33
can i get nsp smash please
Replygreenskull 09.12 08:50
smash B xci file works great thank you
Replygnarlsagan 09.12 09:14
smash xci won’t transfer to my sd card for some reason, anybody else have the error?
Replyheyahel 09.12 11:29
anyone can send me te discord link
Replyanin 09.12 12:14
the yo-kai watch 3 cia why got 2 file? is it english?
Replypirateking 09.12 12:30
Replygeevolution 09.12 12:54
super smash brothers ultimate xci?
ReplySoftcobraweb 09.12 12:58
anin German
ReplyKARMA 09.12 17:48
How to join the discord?
ReplyKARMA 09.12 17:49
Scratch that!
ReplyDan 09.12 22:24
Zelda botw download link pls?
ReplyDarkseeed 10.12 00:14
Hi. I’m looking for super mario odyssey + update and zelda.
ReplyWRC 10.12 00:55
smash EUR somone?
ReplySupapo 10.12 01:26
Softcobraweb Pokemon Lets go
Replymarvelfan3 10.12 01:43
ssbros ultimate?
ReplyEduardo 10.12 02:06
hi, just to let you know, the update/dlc for the snk heroines is broken 🙂 thank you!
ReplyRui 10.12 02:18
Can i have a discord invt?
Replypeter 10.12 02:34
hello the super smash brother link doesnt work it just say cant load afteri click on get link
Replyjohn 10.12 03:13
hey is naruto utilmate ninja in english or japanese thanks
Replydylan 10.12 04:02
Softcobraweb The Atelier Arland collection NSP is not working
Replyqcd 10.12 04:24
hi softcobra lookin for ssbu & mario aces
ReplyGlirk 10.12 05:31
Hi, looking for Footy Manager 19
Replykikoman 10.12 07:11
do you have super smash bros ? thank you! thank you!
ReplySoftcobraweb 10.12 09:33
john Japanise
ReplySoftcobraweb 10.12 09:34
ssbu & mario aces will be available in discord channel
ReplyWolfpack 10.12 09:38
Im looking for Cluedo. Its a Switch game that came out on november 30
ReplyDaniel 10.12 14:53
Hi, i’m looking for pokemon let go Eevee and Pikachu, can you send me the link please
Replycarmelo 10.12 19:38
ciao nintendo swich smash bros? si puo caricare? grazie
Replybandy 10.12 20:37
hi thanks for your hardwork! can i get super smash bros ultimate NSP?
Replywill 00:48
Can I have the new update for smash bros ultimate please? And I have been using your website for a while, I want to say thank you on your work!
ReplyDIOGO 02:15
Hi can i have Super Smash Bros xci please? Thank you
ReplyRoots 02:16
Hey guys what’s the password to unrar?
Replyisma 04:44
Hi can I have the Super smash bros xci please??
ReplyFuyuki 04:47
super smash bros xci please
Replyphen 08:29
super smash bros please?
ReplyDan 08:45
How can I download the Pokemon: Eeevee XCI?
please I need lets sing 2018 update and attack on titan latest update and poker tournament latest update
ReplyDiamende 11:17
How come when ever i try to download a game and I go to Check Paste URL, the captcha never works?
Replywilson 11:36
hi can u send me the legend of zelda snp file?
Replywilson 11:37
what is diffence of xci and nsp?
Replywilson 11:50
why i cannot download the legend of zelda file?
ReplyMatoZX 11:56
The Guacamelee 2 link redirects to Grim Fandango
ReplySoftcobraweb 12:11
MatoZX hold a sec
Replywilson 12:13
please answer me
Replywilson 12:13
link zelda nsp or xci
ReplySoftcobraweb 12:13
wilson did u join our disord channel
ReplySoftcobraweb 12:14
it was there
ReplyFuyuki 12:29
excuse me, can u upload mario odyssey update?
ReplySoftcobraweb 12:30
update v1.2 !!!?
ReplyFuyuki 12:30
yeah, I cant start it with only base game installed.
ReplySoftcobraweb 12:33
Hold a sec
ReplyFuyuki 12:33
ReplyFuyuki 12:39
whoa! its kinda FAST! thanks a lot pal! ^^
ReplyCyber 16:27
Why the starlink update doesn’t work ? When I install it give me an error but I need the update to continue the game lol
Replycoke 19:19
zelda botw please
Replycoke 19:20
Softcobraweb zelda botw please
Replysonictheboss8472 20:02
howdy i dont know if my text whent through on the comments but i was wondering what you used to inject the sega cd roms and was wondering if i could learn how to do so
ReplyLonely 21:17
Is there a Yokus Express Update?
ReplyPatrick 21:27
LEGO The Incredibles link down. Why ? Thanks
ReplyBlackCat 22:52
do you have pokemon lets go?
ReplyChris 23:38
Hello! Is this alive?