DevMenu (3DS Homebrew)


DevMenu is a Developer menu / CIA manager for homebrew enabled 3DS consoles. You can load BigBlueBox as a 3ds rom and then install the .cia version so BigBlueBox is always accessible from your home screen, allowing you to install CIA packaged apps, games and emulators.

How to install:

Using the DevMenu you can install many games, eShop games, DLCs, themes, etc. This is the most up to date version of the DevMenu and it’s pretty easy to install. Just remember to have your Gateway updated to the 2.6 version or Higher.
Extract the DevMenu.3ds and copy it to your Gateway’s MicroSD like a normal ROM. Copy Devmenu.cia to the root of your 3DS’ SD card.
Boot the emuNAND like always and load the Devmeu (Title Manager) from the ROM list. Choose the second tab and select the DevMenu.cia file and press A to install.
After installed, you can delete the .3ds and the .cia files, because the DevMenu (Title Manager) will be always on your HOME screen. When you want to install something, place the .cia file on the root of your SD and install it using the DevMenu.



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